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Uber Accident Attorney

Uber Accident Attorney

Commuters relied heavily on taxis and buses to get around in a city. Today, it is much easier to get around a city with the introduction of Uber – a rideshare company in the United States. Uber has made it possible for private citizens who own cars to lend their services to the public. This has indeed made transportation much easier but has also increased the risk of road traffic accidents.

Statistics show that Uber-related accidents are rising in the past few years. Since there is no training or qualifications needed to become an Uber driver, many people who never have any previous experience as a taxi driver started driving uber cars and this has lead to many accidents.

Below shared are some of the important things to do if you are involved in an Uber accident.

Do No Leave The Scene

It is very important for you to remain at the scene of the accident if you are involved in an Uber accident; you should remain at the scene even if you are not inured in the accident. If you leave the scene of the accident, it is a complete violation of the law and you can be prosecuted for it. You need to call the police and they will come and record your statement about the incident and other details. A police report is very essential for filing the accident claim because it will have all the details about the Uber accident.

Get Medical Attention

Even if it was a minor accident, you need to check yourself for injuries. Not feeling pain or not having any visible injuries does not mean that you are okay. Sometimes the injuries may be internal and you should call the emergency services to get help. Getting medical attention is very important because it is proof that you were injured in the accident.

Collect Contact Information

If you feel that you are okay after you check yourself, you can start doing the necessary things for the insurance claim. First, you need to talk with the Uber driver and collect his and his employer’s contact information. Also, speak to the witnesses at the accident scene and record their statements with their permission. The witness statement is very essential in court when you file the accident claim.

Collect Documents

It is very important to collect all the available documents related to the accident.  Make sure to get a copy of the police report of the accident and all the documents related to your treatment’ like the medical bills.

Call An Attorney

Make sure to hire an Uber accident lawyer to move forward with the accident claim. An Uber accident attorney will speak to the company and the insurance agency on your behalf and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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