Uber Eats Accident Lawyer
Uber Eats Accident Lawyer

Uber Eats Accident Lawyer

Food delivery services are offering a convenient way for the customers to enjoy food from their favorite restaurants without having to go there in person. Restaurants with their own delivery services also offer the same level of convenience as that of food delivery services but all restaurants may not find running their own delivery service a profitable idea. These restaurants can work with food delivery services to increase their sales without having to invest in starting their own delivery service.

In this article, we are focusing on Uber eats accidents and the reasons why you should hire an Uber Eats accident lawyer on getting involved in an accident caused by a Uber eats driver.

What Are The Causes Of Uber Eats Accidents?

The reasons for Uber Eats accidents are more or less the same as other auto accidents. Car accidents are often caused by the reckless driving and negligence of the drivers. The driver may defy traffic laws and drive at speeds exceeding the allowed limit and put other drivers on the road in danger.

Unsafe roads and mechanical issues of the car may cause accidents in some cases. The intensity of the accident decides the severity of the injuries to the people involved in the accident.

Why Do You Need An Uber Eats Accident Attorney?

Uber eats treats its drivers as independent contractors that work for the company using their own vehicles. The company requires the drivers to have their own personal insurance that will be first used to cover the damages in an accident caused by the driver. Uber Eats also offers $1 million coverage but that comes into effect only if certain conditions are satisfied.

Here are the reasons why you should hire an Uber eats lawyer if you ever get involved in an accident caused by an Uber eats driver.

Your Damages Are Not Consistent

It may be clear that you were injured by the other driver but that never means that pursuing the damages is going to be a straightforward process. Calculating your immediate medical cost is easy but in most cases, there is much more to it including:

  • Medical complications that can surface in the future
  • A chronic medical condition resulting from the injuries in the accident
  • Lost wages and loss of earning capacity
  • Pain that you had to suffer due to the accident

Determining your damages in an Uber Eats accident is a quite complicated process that requires the help of an expert, which is exactly what a reputed Uber eats accident attorney is.

The Insurance Company Will Not Necessarily Be On Your Side

Many people injured in vehicle accidents think that the insurance company that is handling their claim will take care of everything. While it is true that the insurance company will take care of the claim, its goal will not be the same as yours. Insurance companies have the objective of making large profits and they will try many techniques to make a profit. Some of them are:

  • Minimizing or denying claims if possible.
  • Offering small settlements before the claimants are aware of the full impact of the damages they have suffered.
  • Prolonging the settlement process to persuade the claimants to agree to low settlements out of desperation.

The insurance company involved will ultimately cover all the damages that you have incurred but the payment you get is largely dependent on the way you proceed with the claim. Allow an expert Uber eats attorney to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that the compensation you receive will cover all your damages.

You May Have To Proceed To The Court

If the insurance company disagrees to give compensation that covers all your damages, you are left with two options, accept the offer or go to the court. The legal process of accident claims is quite complicated especially with the peculiar insurance policy of Uber eats. Hence you will need a skilled Uber eats accident attorney that can represent your best interests in the court.

Establishing The Fault Is Not That Easy

Even if there is adequate evidence to prove that the other driver was completely at fault, the insurance company may still implicate you in sharing a part of that fault. Sometimes the motive behind an insurance representative calling you after the accident will be to get you to say something that can affect your claim in the future. With the training from a professional Uber eats attorney, you will be able to prepare yourself better to establish the fault of the Uber eats driver in the accident.

When you proceed with an Uber eats accident claim, keep in mind that you are facing a huge firm that has all many resources and influence. Unless you have enough evidence proving the fault of the Uber eats driver and the support of an experienced Uber eats accident lawyer, winning the claim isn’t that easy.

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