Uber Eats Accident Attorney

Uber Eats Accident Attorney

The large number of delivery drivers on the road increased the chance of accidents too. You can find a lot of drivers working for different food delivery companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc. As more people now prefer to get the food and other goods delivered to their home, the popularity of such delivery companies have greatly increased. The introduction of various food delivery apps helped to create a lot of employment opportunities, as an enormous number of delivery drivers are required for delivering the ordered items to different locations. This resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of delivery drivers on the road.

Along with the increase in the popularity of food delivery apps, the number of accidents involving delivery drivers has also increased. Whether you are an Uber Eats driver who got involved in the accident or the victim of the accident caused by an Uber Eats driver, you have the right to get enough compensation for the damages you have suffered. If you or your loved ones get involved in such a situation, then you need to be aware of the various procedures associated with claiming the compensation. Hence, we list some important information you have to know about the Uber Eats accident. This will help you know what to do in case of an Uber Eats car accident.

What Causes Uber Eats Accidents?

Uber Eats drivers will be usually driving at high speeds, as they are paid based on the number of deliveries they complete. Hence, they will be rushing around to complete their deliveries and over speeding is one of the common reasons of Uber Eats Accidents. As the drivers will be at very high speeds, it will be difficult for them to control their vehicle at emergency situations. This can lead to serious accidents that can be disastrous.

In addition to this, there can be a lot of other common reasons for Uber Eats accidents. Some of them are distracted driving, tailgating, ignoring traffic signs and signals, driver fatigue, bad weather, etc.

There can be a wide range of reasons for Uber Eats accidents, hence, the liability of the accident can be determined only after considering all these reasons. It can be a difficult task for you to determine the liability based on the circumstances. But in this situation, hiring an Uber Eats accident attorney can be helpful for you, as he will be able to find out who is responsible for the accident by inspecting the accident scene and collecting the necessary evidence. This can be a great help for you when you file a claim for getting compensation.

What To Do If You Got Into An Accident When Working For Uber Eats?

There are certain steps you have to follow if you get into an accident. They are listed below:

  • Immediately call 911 so that the police will inspect and document the accident scene and injuries.
  • Make sure to take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries.
  • If there are witnesses, then get their contact info.
  • Seek immediate medical help if you are injured.
  • Inform Uber Eats regarding the accident and mail them all the required details.
  • Contact an Uber Eats accident attorney for knowing about the procedures to follow for filing the claim.

What To Do If You Are Hit By An Uber Eats Driver?

If you are hit by an Uber Eats driver, then you have the right to get compensation for the property damage and injuries you have suffered. You can contact an attorney for Uber Eats accident for filing the claim.

However, there are certain other procedures you have to follow immediately after the accident. They are listed below:

  • Call 911 and report the accident.
  • Document the scene of the accident by taking photos and videos.
  • Collect the details of potential witnesses.
  • Visit a hospital and check for injuries.
  • Call an attorney for Uber Eats accident

An Uber Eats accident lawyer will help you to file a claim against the delivery driver or even the company if needed. Hence, make sure you contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

Does Uber Eats Provide Insurance Coverage?

Yes. Uber Eats have specific insurance policies for covering their employees and the third party involved if needed. However, the policies are a bit complicated than normal insurance policies.

The Uber Eats insurance policies can change based on what the driver was doing. For example, if the driver has turned on the app, but was not delivering food, then the insurance coverage provided by the company will be low.

However, if the driver was delivering food when met with the accident, then coverage of $1 million will be provided by the company based on the damage suffered.

Accidents involving Uber Eats delivery drivers are now becoming a common occurrence. The company has insurance policies for covering the employees and the third party. However, filing a claim against the company can be a really complicated procedure, as the nature of the policy changes based on the circumstance. Hence, it is better for you to hire an Uber Eats accident attorney for filing a lawsuit.