Uber Eats Accident Insurance

Uber Eats Accident Insurance

Uber eats is a popular food delivery service that is an extension of the original ride-hailing service, Uber. Uber Eats lets you get the food from the restaurants of your choice delivered at your place. All you have to do is place the order through the Uber eats app.

There have been some instances of accidents involving Uber eats drivers. Sometimes, the accidents are the fault of the delivery partner while at other times, the other party could be at fault.

How To Order Food Using Uber Eats?

The service is quite easy and does not confuse even a first-timer. Your login information will be the same as that of your Uber account. If you are a Uber customer already, you can log into the Uber Eats app or website in the same way.

By tapping Search on the search box displayed on top of the web page or at the bottom of the app, you can find out restaurants by name, cuisine type or a particular food item.

Insurance Of Uber Eats

The insurance provided by Uber eats to its delivery partners is given below:

  • One million dollars commercial auto insurance policy is provided to cover an accident. The coverage applies in the duration between the driver accepting the food delivery request and completing the delivery. Uber eats requires its drivers to maintain personal auto insurance.

If the Uber eats driver maintains collision and comprehensive coverage on their personal auto insurance, then Uber insurance will come into effect and offer physical damage coverage to that vehicle up to its cash value. For that, a $1000 deductible should be paid before the coverage applies. Collision coverage is intended to cover the vehicle damage resulting from collisions while comprehensive coverage is the form of insurance that covers the vehicle damages resulting from incidents other than collision including theft, floods, vandalism, and fallen objects.

  • If the driver does not have an applicable coverage, then the Uber eats’ commercial auto policy will kick in. The policy ensures the driver’s liability for bodily injury up to $50,000 for each individual, up to $25,000 for property damage and a total of $100,000 per accident.

Uber eats does not hire delivery drivers as their full-time employees. In fact, the drivers are called independent contractors who are required to own their own vehicles to work for Uber eats. If you meet with an accident caused by an Uber eats driver, you can get in touch with an expert Uber eats accident attorney who can give you the necessary legal guidance.